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  • Do you provide vegetarian meal plans?
    Yes! Many of our meals include a vegetarian option.
  • How much space will it take up in my freezer?
  • How are you different from Heat and Eat meals?
    Heat-and-eat meals have a repetitive microwave taste that gets old. Does anyone like soggy veggies? Insta Chef meals use a variety of methods like baking, sauteing, and slow cooking to create hot delicious meals with a fresh taste and variation in texture.
  • Why are your meals frozen?
    By freezing our meals, we can lock in peak nutritional value. Freezing also keeps our recipes simple and eliminates the need for preservatives. Plus our meals will last for 30 days unlike other meal kit companies which only last 3-7 days. The extended time provides you flexibility if your plans change during the week keeping less of your food from going into the trash.
  • How long do Insta Chef meals last?
    Insta Chef meals are best eaten within the month they are delivered and should be eaten within 60 days of delivery. All meal packs have an best by date on the label.
  • How do I pay for my meals?
    You can pay directly through the checkout cart of our website.
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